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Compostable Ziplock Bags for Natural Powder
Job Name: Pure Chimp
Packaging Demand: Compostable pouch for matcha tea powder
Custom Solutions provided by BPS:
Packaging Style: Compostable Stand Up Pouch
Accessory: Compostable zipper
Material: White Kraft / Bio Film designed according to customer's demand
Printing: Eco printing with water-based ink
Design Features: Lovely graphic designs, natural look and 100% eco-friendly material
Project Background:
Pure Chimp’s owner Dean was interested in customizing more sustainable packaging for his natural matcha powder. He came across our website showing our top rated Compostable Pouch in October, 2019, and contacted us to discuss his sustainable packaging demand.
After understanding Pure Chimp's brand story and packaging demand, we've worked out this innovative packaging solution: compostable ziplock bags which perfectly suits the matcha powder packaging and exactly matches the branding of Pure Chimp. As the leading manufacturer in China who has been focused on developing compostable pouches and really put them into production since 2018, we are proud to produce these compostable ziplock bags in certified quality. 

Customer Comments / Feedbacks:
“The pouches look lovely. I think these will be popular"
                                                              - Dean, Founder

Nov, 2019: BPS customized 2 designs of Compostable Ziplock Bags for Pure Chimp.
April, 2020: Dean came to us again with satisfaction, and reordered a full range of 7 new designs

Product Images:

Brand Story:

Pure Chimp® sells the best Matcha green tea & 100% natural skin care.
Pure Chimp’s owner Dean came across matcha tea at a training course to improve energy levels at work. He fell in love with the product but found it expensive, so he decided to try and change this. Pure Chimp only use natural ingredients and avoid all artificial ingredients. Lots of people that don't enjoy regular green tea, actually enjoy PureChimp Matcha. There are 4 key morals that they try to live by at PureChimp - Be Helpful, Be Natural, Be Environmentally Friendly and Have Fun.